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"Peace is our God and love our religion; I know you hate me brother and you may have a reason; But I have a vision brother, that we are one nation,

Build a fire of tolerance and burn all the weapons; Hold my hand and pray with me, hear Him listen; Be at peace brother, and we shall be granted, our piece of heaven." 

Asma Anser,

Islamabad, Pakistan

Beltik el reng ma budech a dousbecher

Chelechal tram.

Harry Sap`u


Solo conseguiremos tener paz, ci todos nosotros

dejamos de pensar en nosotros mismos y tratamos

de hacer un mundo major.

Gisele Kohatsu


Tayo ay mag mahalan at magbigayan sa ating

capwa tao.



"If only for a day, the whole world would think, speak and act more on peace rather than

unpeace, what a great world it might be"

Ramon M. Flores,

Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Que a Paz do senhor Dues nos acompanhe pela vida

The Peace of the Lord stay with us for ever.

Maria Jose Carvale


Que el amor la paz y felicadad

Reine en todos

Los corzones.

Manuel Cabrera

Puerto Rico

Call it Mur or peace, I do not care

As long as I can feel it.

Margarita Bekker

St. Petersburg, Russia

Happiness — That’s the warm and salt sea wave

Happiness — that’s the peace for which we crave !

Igor Mikhailusenko

Writer, poet

Moscow, Russia

Kindness will save peace in the world.

Aa gpabcibyet mup bo bcem mupe

Olga Litvak


Stop the violence

Sama Mataafa

American Samoa

"La pace comincia con me,

Come cittadino del mondo.

In Einheit in der Verschiedenheit wird’s Friede.

Unis, nous avancons; divises nous perdons.

Paz es lo major que podemos dejar a nestros hijos."

In Italian, German, French and Spanish

M. Kappenberger

Apia, Samoa

Nature shows us balance and diversity.

For this we should stand up in unity.

Catrina Call


Fodre annan plis lanmoux pour ki lape I rennyen

Dan lemon.

Sharon Isaac

Seychelles (Creole)

Increase the peace and the world,

Shall be in one, piece,

So, respect each other, love one another,

‘cause we were made like the father’


Roger Lawen


If there is harmony and peace

The world will be in one piece

Let me begin the peace

As I give my enemy a kiss

Geoffrey Anthony Hon


Peace is about friendship and unity

Peace is about communication, patience, tolerance and understanding.

Name in Chinese,

to be translated later


Mier a la`sku tejto Zemi,

Je to mozne`? Povedzte mi…

Peter Fila


Ziveti v ruim pomeni ljubiti,

Tako sebe lsot dmge

Gregor Novak


If we have peace

We have everything.

Masa Borisov


We want to have a peace on Earth

We want to have a peace for all

Like every child on it’s own birth,

Is innocent and don’t want war,

Like every bird will learn to fly

Every human can climb high.

So please, people around the world

Have respect to this one word. Peace.

Veroviha v Shodova`

Slovak Republic


Aquellos que hablan de amor y compassion,

Los que no respectan sus reglas.

Nira Suarez Hernandez

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

My 2-line contribution is in English and Afrikaans:

To GIVE: a smile, a hug, a kind word, a compliment, a
piece of bread, an outstretched hand, an embrace of
love, To Give PEACE!
To RECEIVE: from anxiety, from hatred, from envy, from
lust, from sadness, from grief, from greed, from
indifference, To Receive RELEASE!

Om te GEE:  n Glimlag,  n drukkie,  n vriendelike
aanhaling,  n kompliment,  n stukkie brood,  n hand
wat uitreik,  n sak vol liefde,  om VREDE te Gee.
Om te ONTVANG:  van begeerte,  van wrok,  van afguns,
van wellus,  van droewigheid,  van grief,  van
gulsigheid,  van onverskilligheid,  om VRYHEID te
ontvang.   (Afrikaans: courtesy of Elizma Liebenberg)

Craig D Smith
Johannesburg, South Africa

Our private living knowing being state of conscious care
for the life and love of each of us, one by one by one

Dale Morris
South Africa

Peace like dieting craves permanent effort, Once the war in won the battle is maintenance.

Sam Manty Cape Town, South Africa.

Hello VANK feel highly honored to be present at this project. We, VANK(Voluntary Agency Network of Korean), consisted of 3500 young voluntary students has been established since 1999.1.1 for the purpose of enhancing the image of Korea on the cyber-space, and we are cyber travel guiding overseas Koreans and foreigners down the highway to appreciate more about Korea, it's language it's culture, everything via E-mail sharing meaningful friendship. We are non profit Korean Students Voluntary Association conducting the pursuit of voluntary spirits. Connect with classrooms from all over the Korea studding English, Japanese, Chinese, University, High-School, the grades representing more than 3500 voluntary students, are now participating with VANK. We present 8 poems

A teacher asked

What comes out when the ice gets thawed?

The kids said

It is water

But one said like

It is spring

The teacher aske again

What is the widest and greatest green?

It's a mowntain, the sea, the sky

But the one said

It is the peace.

let there be rest.

I will be there with you

I really will.

it will not tough no more

I'm sure it won't.

come on lean on me

you can take a rest

you want to be free?

or you don't want to be restrained?

I'll be right there with you

lean on me and make it easy

you can take a rest

take a look at the blue skies

and think about all that only for you

you want this freedom

don't try to hide your angel smile

lean on me and show me the smile

If you want,

I'll give you the freedom

you that in this peace is

looking peaceful than anybody else.

Pyo Soon Dong

South Korea

is the mother of this ground

even a vein is like a son

she blooms the loves and the lives on the ground.

Yu-jeong Son

South Korea

the peace!

that is the happiness of

our and mine


South Korea

  1. The peace is the unification of South Korea and North Korea.
  2. It is tough..
  3. the peace
  4. there is one we have to keep.
  5. The peace means that the word 'Wars' and 'sadnesses'has gone from the

dictionaries of all countries


South Korea

6. people think the word 'peace' is only there on a refugee camp

people think the word 'peace' is only be told when we study in good citizenship

class of our elementary school.

people think the word 'peace' is wound after war.

but the word 'Peace' is

good word for my friends to be comforted

the word 'peace' is

the problem we have to solve

the word is

an apology after war and care of wounds —

Jung Hye Jin

South Korea

7. "Peaceful mind would get real peace.

peace starts from our mind."


South Korea

8.A friend. Let’s not shed any tears. Today’s goodbye

is tomorrow’s hello. So let’s not be sad. Smile.

R. Kim

South Korea

Day and night I shall swim
in the sweetness-hope-river  of world peace

Toelsiepersad Radhe


Like the white feather of a peace dove, the peace

in me is pure heaven. For peace beings in the


Pascale Paive


Riksgymnasium Syd

Special students class

 Richard B Samuelsson, teacher Ivan Novocic, Petra Andersson

 Johan Jönsson, Johan Karlsson, Andreas Knös


Fred är det positiva i tillvaron.

Fred är möjligheter.

Richard B Samuelsson, teacher

Riksgymnasium Syd

Kristianstad Sweden



Fred är underbart, fred menas att vi människor tycker om varandra.

Hade vi inte haft fred så vet jag inte hur världen skulle se ut i dag.

Johan Karlsson

age: 19

Riksgymnasium Syd

Kristianstad Sweden


Vi kan leva tillsammans, i fred.

Varför kan inte människor samsas?

Vi kan diskutera oss fram till beslut utan vapen.

Petra Andersson

age: 20

Riksgymnasium Syd

Kristianstad Sweden



Man skall  munhuggas i stället för att slåss.

För om man gör det så blir det fred.

Andreas Knös

Riksgymnasium Syd

Kristiansatd Sweden



När jag tänker på fred så tänker jag på vita duvor som flyger högt uppe i himlen och folk som skrattar och har roligt



När jag tänker på krig så tänker jag på bomber som faller ner mot marken och skadar massor med folk och små barn. Sen tänker jag på att folket är panikslagna och dom vet inte var dom ska ta vägen och rädslan bland folkmängden är jättestor.

Ivan Novicic

Riksgymnasium Syd

Kristianstad, Sweden


Att allt krig tar slut

Johan Jönsson

Riksgymnasium Syd

Kristianstad, Sweden

Nar vi lark alsaka oss sjasva,

Da kan vi ocksa fa fred.

Terose Skinwall-Hallaway

Skelleftea, Sweden

Life without peace is virtual hell-fire

It blunts decency and makes sanity go hay-wire.

Kwasi Asante

President, International Poetry for Peace Association

Geneva, Switzerland

Peace is all around the world. The dream that

Everybody wants is loving each other.

Galenon Vehiatua


Kila binadamu anapasudi Kejina misingi

Ya amain, Icur maurzo na vitendo. Mafumaini

Yetu ui kujenga amain icur Kuondoa silahalu

Zote duinain.

C. Kajisi

Tanzania (East Africa)

Janaika na Australia, India mpaka Tanzania wote

Twajunuika, Hawaii kushangilia nguvu twa jitoba,

Amani kupigania.


Tanzania (Swahili)


Bila amani hakuna maisha,

Bila amani sote tutakwisha,

Hiki si kitu cha kuchekesha,

Hiki ni kitu cha kutisha,

Amani, wote tuidumishe.

Janemary Ruhundiva


Oku sai oka tau nol malu pe ihe manani.

Malui ae fanau I mamani meihe tau.

Sela Orgaletia


May every creed and race

Find an equal place.

Shamfa Cudjor

Trinidad & Tobago

When grey smoking darkness disappears from the skies

And colorful colors starting, fill your eyes.

Volkan Vatansever


If through war, and not peace, I should die,
I'll face you and hold my head high.
Then by your actions, and thoughts,
I shall judge you* you have been warned

James Alistair Thomas
London, England
United Kingdom

From class 2 ,Staplecross School ,

Staplecross England

Peace is not a war.
Peace is when there is no fighting.

Jake Mole. Age 7


Wars  kill  people  but  we  should  have   peace  so 
nobody  gets  killed.

Sam Mason . age 7

Bath England

peace  is  so  quiet  when  wars  aren’t  here  any  more and   peace  is  quiet  because  there  is  no fighting.

Luke  Taylor   age   7

Bath England

Peace is nice when there are no wars.
Peace is nice when people don't hurt each

Jessica Rogers. age 6

Bath England

we hope there are no more wars,
peace and harmony are a better cause.

Class 4H Ms. J. Hopson

St John’s Junior School

South Yorkshire, England.

What peace Means to Us

Our earth is such a precious place

Where people should live in harmony.

Smiling together, laughing together

Children working and playing together.

Peace for the Human race,

Loving one another. Peace is a wonderful thing

To be shared by everyone, forever.

Here are contributions from Churchfields Primary School, Beckenham, London
Borough of Bromley, Year 3/4. Ages 7-9 years

I like peace
and peace likes me. Samantha

O Lord, let there be peace
in the world and make peace. Ayesha UK

Give us peace, peace is the best,
And we will love and not protest. Alison UK

God love us.

God love the world. Andrew UK

God, give peace
To the very least Calum UK

Lord, give us peace.
O Lord, give us peace and quiet. Antony UK

Peace is extremely strong it definitely spreads far
Because Peace is a wonderful thing.   Philip UK

I wish peace wherever I go.
I wish peace for whoever I know. Ricky D.UK

Lots of peace will do people good,
To leave guns and start anew.   Rose UK

I wish peace for me and you.
I wish peace for my friends and family.    Sadie UK

Peace is good and not bad.
And peace will never make me sad.   Sophie UK

I wish peace for me and my family.
I wish peace for my friends and the noise would stop.    Sarah UK

Please God, don't fight.
Please God, we want peace.    Liam UK

Please, Jesus, give me peace.
Please, Jesus, give me peace Mark UK

God, there was peace and then you allowed World War Two.
Then you made happiness, 'cos that's what you do.    Jourdan UK

Please, stop the fighting. Please stop killing each other.
We want peace. Samuel UK

Dear Lord of Peace, stop the cruel
And stop the bad, please, we pray. Kelly UK

We never have peace in my life.
Please, please, I want peace.   
It's peaceful when it is quiet
And it is not noisy! God, make peace
And we will, too. Anon UK

This peace chain prayerfully must bind,
With love, the hurts of all mankind.

Cissie Entwhistle

(80 years of age) England

One human race.

No gun this pen within the hold of hand

It breaks division and dissent into common sense 

Maolcolum Francisus Bascher

`Cornish Writer/Poet/Carpenter.)


Imagine a day with no fighting — from the

Playground to the parliaments — imagine the noise

Of nature!


United Kingdom

1st Peace Poem Contributor:

"Peace means everyone loving everyone else

and we’re all part of one world.

Libby Barker, Florida

Six year old, USA

Let peace in the world I pray
for this is where the peace should stay.

Ariana, Grade 3

Kauai, Hawaii USA.

Hope for peace for all the world,
so everybody will live in harmony.
Michael, grade 3
Kauai, Hawaii USA

There are none too big, there are none to small

There is enough aloha for all.

Willie Nelson

Singer and Entertainer, USA

O ka makana mei ke akua ka manao lai ame ka Maui

A ole like kamalu e haawai aa e ke akua ke ao.

(Peace of mind and heart is a gift from God.

The peace He gives is not fragile like the peace the world gives.)

Virginia Moore

Maui, Hawaii, USA

"In this diverse world, the pillars of peace are understanding,

appreciation, respect, and communication. Without them, society will

succumb to hatred and intolerance. In my own life, I have seen both

extremes, the beauty of diversity as well as it’s ugliness, and it is my

sincerest hope that we do all we can today to forever erase the latter."

Daniel Inouye

United States Senator, USA

Peace porridge hot,

Peace porridge cold

Arlo Guthrie,

Singer and song writer, USA

Peace begins in our hearts

Touches the universe and resides in our souls.

Jeremy Harris

Mayor, Honolulu, USA

1st Peace Poem contributor in Braille:

May soft golden light surround you — Braille Language

The light of the world is peace.

Doris Jarcho

Seaside, Oregon, USA

Peace is the harmony between family and friends

Creating neighborhoods worldwide that connect

With one heart and one mind, taking care of all.

Heather French, Kentucky

Miss America 2000, USA

Peace is a light that shines from your soul.

Peace is the joy that keeps us whole.

Me ke aloha pumehana.

Candes Gentry, Hawaii

Miss Hawaii 1999, USA

Oh The Joy! To be free of the bondage of self.

What Joy. To be free of the bondage of self.

William Blodgett

Maui, Hawaii, USA

Island to Island, Nation to Nation, crossing oceans and seas

Peace knows no bounds.

Linda Lingle, former mayor

Maui, Hawaii, USA

Now is the time to know who we are

So wipe away fears and be your own star.

Robert Whiting

Actor and Poet, USA

Peace, unseen…can be heard in the wind

Not with ears…peace is within.

Frank Rich

Poet and Writer, USA

Peace is being calm-

A flat ocean inside me

Pires Kale Sylva, 3rd grade Oahu, Hawaii, USA

May peace be in our hearts

From this day forward

Mazie Hirono

Lt. Governor

State of Hawaii

"Freedom of choice

 Freedom from want

 Freedom from prejudice


Mayor Stephen K. Yamashiro,

County of Hawaii

May the citizens of the world

Feel, think, act in peace always

Rene Mansho,


State of Hawaii

It would be a beautiful day to live in harmony

Without thoughts of war, fighting and disagreements.

Minnie Brazell

Honolulu, HI

We are human beings, we all may have differences, but we all can get along if we really try. It's called PEACE.


Virginia Beach, Va USA

We are ALL GODS children, all blood in our veins runs red. " Do unto others
as you would have others do unto you" PEACE !!!

Stephanie Nichols

Eagles Nest
California, USA

Without peace one cannot give or receive love

and without love we are all useless! 

Lynne Murray,

Kula, HI USA

Let it not be forever just a sweet dream--the bone aching kind
you never want to wake up from-- let it live in us bone to bone.
Cali Linfor

San Diego USA

When I think of peace, in my mind's eye I see
Charity, Hope, Love, You and Me.
Elizabeth Gordon
Virginia Beach, VA USA

What a wonderful world this will be

when people learn to live free

without the pressure and the strain

for money, power, and worldly gain.

June Young

Victorville, California USA

Sandra Hagle aka PurpleProse
Portland, OR USA

We are all at peace in the womb, at peace in sleep, at peace in death.
Let's learn how to be at peace when we are alive and awake.
Lois von Hippel
Eugene, Oregon USA

Peace is a gift
A precious gift
God gives to all.

Jannie McDonald,

Chester, PA  USA

A world without peace
is a world without love

Krys Jarvis

Austin, TX USA

We wait, helpless as chicks, for the dove to fluff out her feathers,
settle her warm breast over us, and brood and coo over the egg of the

F.J. Bergmann
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

I sing with the white dove, and dance, olive branch in hand,

My arms flailing, to the song of the eternal Peace.

Michelle Annelise Conner, Staurt, FL, USA

Communicating love for each other
will free the peace in our world.
Deborah M. Finch, Ph.D.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

As John Lennon said,
"Give peace a chance."

Maggi Sullivan Godman
Sutter Creek, CA  USA

I am an oblong link
In a chain that does not bind.

Michael Novick

"When inner peace takes root,

Outer peace begins to bloom."

Patricia Sanders

Laredo, Texas

Peace starts by jus saying


Lee Tanouchi

Hawaii, USA

Live with me as I wish to live with you -- in harmony and beauty
gifts to us all that require transcendence of differences and the
acknowledgement that we are one.

Joanne Y. Yamada
Honolulu, Hawaii

If peace is our vision, then let peace be the plan

As the world joins hands for the brotherhood of man

Give peace a chance

And in the meantime love

Alphonse Braggs

Honolulu, Hi.

Let everyone you meet, however humble, feel

That you regard him or her as one of importance.

"the truth does not happen, it just is."

Native American proverb

Attributed to the Hopi NationVernita Blackburn

Peace calms the spirit and strengthens the heart.

Peace keeps turmoil at a minimum.

Gloria Daniel, USA


I dream of a peace, pieces of lives slashed, threaded and sliced

Peace within a poem that our souls will one day call home.

Dr.Ayin Adams.

Maui, HI

Equal safety, equal shelter, equal sustenance

Reinforce world peace in all our consciousness.

Patricia Carv

Wash, USA

Wherever your roots, shall we not forget what

Our ancestors have done?

That God gave our names not to hide — But worn with Pride!

Charles Imrie

Scotland, Napa and Hawaii USA

Peace brings love from God. Which he so desires to give,

Would it not be great if we all do aspire to live. Sister Mary Cabrinie Loerzel


Little Falls, Mn

People can live in community

When all nations are joined in unity.

Elizabeth Ohmann O.S.F.

Tucson Az USA

Peace is important for the community

People need to be peaceful because

If you don’t the world would be terrible.

Elizabeth Kinzey

Church of St Paul and St Andrew


Peace is an amazing thing

When peace comes around I always stay

For it can be most anything.

Peace should be in every nation from China town to the New

York Islands.What do you think? Should peace in the in the world?

Rebekah Lynn Forni

Church of St Paul and St. Andrew



Peace is with in you and with every person.

God is with you but not when you’re

un-peaceful. You must help to be peaceful.

Andre` Domingues

Church of St Paul and St. Andrew


Blest are they who make and keep God’s peace in all our nations

For hate — begetting violence and martyrdom, no room in God’s creation.

Bernice Leary

Northhampton, Mass.USA

Red Tiles Learning Center, Paysandu Uruguay

Blanquita Aurrecochea, Instructor


Cambiemos la guerra por un mundo de amor y de juguetes.

Valeria German 6 años Uruguay


La paz es algo dulce sin igual,

cuidala mucho, la vas ha amar.

Ma. Eugenia Molle 9 años Uruguay


Que haya paz, que haya amor,

para poder vivr sin miedo ni temor.

Natalia Acosta 10 años Uruguay


Unete a la paz y triunfaras,

unete a la guerra y no triunfaras.

Fermín Ulaneo 9 años Uruguay


La naturaleza, los animales,

y los seres humanos podrán vivir y ser felices solo si existe la paz.

Matias Ulaneo 9 años Uruguay


Las palabras humildes son mensajeras de la paz,

las orgullosas de la guerra.

Lucia Rodriguez 10 años Uruguay


La paz es sinónimo de amor y tolerancia.

La paz no debe ser una mera expresion de deseo sino una forma de vida.

Eloisa Santana 11 años


Peace is a good blessing,

Peace is necessary for the world.

Lucia Martinez 11 años uruguay


Sembremos paz, para cosechar nuevas esperanzas,

para tener un mundo sin guerras.

Porque tener paz es esencial para vivir.

Natalia Juncal 11 años Uruguay


La paz es importante para trabajar y estudiar con tranquilidad.

Maria Noel Venturino 10 años Uruguay

La paz es algo dulce sin igual, cuidala mucho,

La vas ha amar.

Eugenia Molle



"la paz es el legado más hermoso que Dios entrego al hombre" grupo de niños del 6to. grado de la Escolanía Niños Cantores de la Guaira - Venezuela.

English translation: "the peace is the most beautiful bequest than God delivers to man"

Group of children of the 6th grade of the

Escolanía Children Cantores of the Guaira


While in the West, you are sleeping,

Here in the East I am still awake.

We by turns guarding

The world in peace.

Do Tuan Anh

Ho Chi Minh City

Viet Nam

When you live in pieces

You will then appreciate peace

Compared to wars and strive

Peace is less expensive.

Shalala Oliver Sepiso


Hlalani ngekuthula lemgglali ngokutula.

Gordon K. Shirto


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