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Jeg ansker fred og harmoni

Det er jordens symfoni

Jorgen Bonde

Eriksen, Denmark

Posava no somar

Posava no sonde en un mondo perfecto

Porque no sonao en a aver nogar magies que alguna

Pez, cuando eramos ninos nuestras maores son contraron.

Aquel lugar magico di existe y esta en cada

Metos cuadrado de la neses.

Giselle Martinez


Yo quiero que touicramos paz.

Boscanda a dios. Todos sontos y hablaramos. Sobuo

Como podemos. Encontrar La Paz. Solo con dios.

Franklin Miranda

El Salvador

Ubrbiog mida me tahame raanistada voj pimame teha
  • rellelos fajoune inl RAHV — ilma rabuta ei raa
  • me oppida ie raa me kejtsts loodust ega immoiguri
  • seeposart butruugi leoili isles eelzoigl oitlema rahu eest

Madis Masing


Na bula ni Tiko sa rue dredre. Luva na vei vala

Kei na veivuvu taki tawasei keda tu na duidui ni

Vakananuanu ni roka ni yago kei na vei vala-

Valuti ka sega na dua vara — na loloma wakega

Ni turaga e kauti keda mai. Ke sega na locoma

Sa ka walega nai nuinui

Sisa Vukiouau

Fiji Islands

Jong me kinamwe epwe aworsta

Tufichin fowach.

Unusen tipe `we me lipechu epwe fis pew ach…

Vanessa N. Konna

Federated States of


Kauha — Rakkaus — uhteys koko maaihmaah.

Tino Soini


When you are in the present moment, you have

Peace…The magic is in the moment.

Jacquelynne Mauvais

Paris, France

The more peace, the less crime.

Franziska Mueller



It is not my wish to be here
Here on the busy streets of Kumasi
Where my life is exposed to many dangers
Circumstances have compelled me to
Compelled me to sell dog chains
And do other menial jobs for survival
Like a sheep without a sherpherd
I roam the streets of city looking for
Food and money, which are never easy
To come by
I work on the street and sleep on the street
I wake up on the street and walk the street
Because I have no real home to go
So those of you out there
My humble appeal is
Lend a hand to the street child
Who is out there on the street
Often through no fault of his!

Faustina Tambeog
Armed Forces Secondary TechnicalSchool
Uaddara Barracks
Kumasi, Ghana

Living the dream together

United as one


Ithaca, Greece

Por favor dijemos que la musica de paz

Se haga universal.



Querer, respetar y amar a otras es lo que un

Humana suena para tenor paz en este mucho

Dora Hanson


Lo major de estar vivo y poder gozai de este momento

Es el sober que en nuastras manos tenemos el futuro del mundo

Solo recuerda gue si quieras un mundo major comeinea

Mejorando tu. .

Griselda Linares Banegas


A bike nerclem, u` lilck unjugalma.

Eva Judit, Hungary

There is no religion higher than humanity, no

Temple more glorious than the human body.

There is no prayer more sincere than breath

And no go truer than the self.

Yociraj Gurunath

Yogasangh, India

Peace is heart

We can feel if the heart is clear

Sincerely and love fully

Peace is bliss

Peace is light that can make bright in the dark

That shows you the way for future peace in fullness

In love

In loving hearts

There is nothing more beautiful words to say it

Peace is every thing

Please don’t make peace lost

Ayi Nurnama

Sukabumi, Indonesia

Love revealeth with infinite and unfailing

power the mysteries latent in the universe

Abdul `buha


When a part of this creation is hurting,

Other parts carry the pain as well.

If you can’t feel the pain of any part,

You can’t be part of the whole being.

Persian Poet, No name given, Iran

Everyone needs love

Show kindness to all your friends

Live with love and care

Lorna Cunningham

Ennis Ireland

The world needs peace now

The world needs happiness now

The world needs love now

Patrick Moloney

Ennis Ireland

Peace is all around

Loving people in the streets

Driving all around

People caring for friends

Happiness in the school with friends

Peace is very good

David Tierney

Ennis Ireland

Peace is in the world

Happiness is where you want

Friendship is with your friends

Niall Heeney

Ennis Ireland

Love is all around

Loving people in the streets

People caring for friends

Happiness in school with friends

Niall White

Ennis Ireland

Peace means happiness ,

To all the world,

Love, joy and forgiveness.

Alison Casey,


The world needs peace now.

The world needs peace and love now.

We need peace all round.

Kieran Monahan

Ennis Ireland

Happiness is great.

Love is all around the world.

Friends are forgiving.

George Dinan,

Ennis Clare

Respect all your friends,

Show kindness to one and all,

Live in harmony.

Ciara Seery

Ennis Ireland

1.Peace,lovely peace,

War wrecks it all up today,

So let's retain peace again.


2.When peace comes 'round,

Happiness reigns once again,

So let's drop our guns again.


Lovely friendship,

It was nice yesterday,

Please retain it again,

for the sake of us.

Charlie Carlisle,

Ennis, Ireland

Friends are forgiving .

Happiness is joy to all.

Joy is good to all.

Ellener Mather,

Ennis, Ireland.

Peace is happiness,

Peace is forgiveness to all,

Peace; Friendship; Love; Joy

Robyn Byrt,

Ennis, Ireland

In one place there might be peace,

While in the next there might not,

Try make peace.

Jonathan Considine

Ennis, Ireland

The world Had Great

Joy Then Every Girl And

Boy Would Have A Toy.

Rebecca Ferry,


Peace love happiness

Kind loving caring friend

Friendship is with your friends

Barry Fitzpatrick,

Ennis Ireland

Goodwill, Joy and love

Are all things to do with peace

We need peace all around.

Anne - Marie Phelan

Ennis Ireland

lets all go in peace,
lets not fight like they do in Greece
the world is a wonderful place
who cares about each others race?
we all must follow gods will
we all know how, so please don't kill.
we have a symbol of a dove,
it stands for peace and love.
if only everyone could agree,
then peace it would be.
let all the fighting cease,
and maybe we could all have peace.
don't use the symbol of a gun,
it stands for hate, you'd better run
this terrible war will never end,
the world won't be the same again.
the world is such a wonderful creation,
lets hope for no more wars, no more deaths, no more devastation

Thomas Sheridan, Enniskilleen N. Ireland

Peace is in the world

with friendship. Peace and love

is in our school. As love is hear.

Anthony Halpin,

Ennis, Co.Clare, Ireland.

There is a deal of precedent that peace is made by women

War by men

Lady Hazel Lavery ended several hundred years of Anglo-Irish war

It should be learned again

Terence Browne (a.k.a. Hay Machine)*

Weep no more the violent dead lay flowered prayer on eternal beds.

Inhale this peace into your lungs no more bullets, no more guns.

Lines from "A Breath of Peace"


This verse is for all the violent dead

Who know eternal peace,

United forever for all the families

Who grieve the slaughtered fleece.

Ulsterman rise from your knees

And feel this peaceful breeze,

Hope uniting hearts and minds

With forgiving Irish ease.

Weep no more the violent dead

Lay flowered prayer on eternal beds,

Inhale this peace into your lungs

No more bullets no more guns.

And your breath will fall upon

Ireland and you will know that

Breath of peace is yours.

Death comes to us all

Like a bullet to the head,

Life comes to us all

With the aftertaste of lead.

So take that hatred from your heart

And recognize your brother

Take that bitterness from your throat

And spit it to the Gutter.

Knowing that you have cut down

Innocent Son’s and Daughter’s

Then your filth will filter through

Polluted Irish waters.

And your breath will fall upon

Ireland and you will know

That breath of peace is yours.

Adrian Fox,

Irish poet and writer

A piece of peace makes up, "Pax of peace. Go

n-eirigh an bothar leat gach la. La vie est trop

court pour La Guerre.

Maeve Niamh


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