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These poems are from students in grade 4 at Olds Elementary,  Raleigh, North Carolina


I like peace, not the war,

I do wish, there could be more.

Peace is a tiny star that sits in the sky,

It goes to your heart and it sings.

Lindsay, Olds, Canada


No more violence, no more bullying,

Peace is like spring to me.

Justin, Olds, Canada

I like peace, not the war,

I do wish, there could be more.

Coltyn, Olds, Canada


Peace to me is quietness,

Peace to me is relaxing,

Peace to me is a good life.

Donavan, Olds, Canada


Peace is like a song to me,

And a little flute playing,

I feel like singing when I have peace.

Kristen, Olds, Canada


Peace is love, kindness and sharing,

Peace is feeling safe.

Katelyn, Olds, Canada


I feel peace when I walk in the woods,

I feel the breeze on my back.

Andrew B. Olds, Canada


I feel peace when I help others,

I feel peace in singing.

Michael M. Olds, Canada


Peace is playing and relaxing,

It is not bullying or fighting,

Peace reminds me of my cat, Spike.

Matthew, Olds, Canada


Peace is singing to myself,

Peace is playing with my friends.

Lorilei, Olds, Canada


Peace is friendship,

Peace is playing in the park with

my friends.

Brad, Olds, Canada


Peace - a day on the beach,

Feeling good and safe under the sun.

Amanda, Olds, Canada


Peace, enjoyable and relaxing,

Peace, nothing can bother me.

Peace is imaginable.

Rheanne, Olds, Canada


Peace means love and caring,

And singing all around the world.

Nicole, Olds, Canada


Peace is feeling warm and safe,

Peace is smiles and happiness.

Robin, Olds, Canada


I feel quiet and safe and warm,

Peace is being with friends.

Greg, Olds, Canada


Peace is helping others,

No sadness, no fighting.

Emma, Olds, Canada


Peace is a great thing,

Without peace we are nothing.

Christian, Olds, Canada


Peace is a soft sound,

Peace is a bird singing a soft tune.

Sabrina,Olds, Canada


Peace is friendship,

Peace is a time in prayer.

Andrew V. Olds, Canada


Peace is a good thing,

Without it the world would not be

the same.

Clayton, Olds, Canada


Peace is feeling safe,

Peace is being with friends,

Peace is all around us.

Michael S. Olds, Canada


Peace is feeling not afraid,

Peace is being able to play with

your friends.

Trevor, Olds, Canada


Peace is a soft song,

Peace is being alone and silent.

Corrina, Olds, Canada


Peace is relaxing and quiet, there is no rushing,

You have no one bugging you,

Everyone needs peace.

Andrea, Olds, Canada


Grade5/Skerry Class

Robert Kemp Turr School

Nova Scotia, Canada

Instructor: Ramona Greenan


Why have war, why not Peace

Peace is one thing we should Keep.

Jessica Sanford, Age 11, Canada


We have PEACE that we can't afford to loose,

so don't give it away and start another war.

Allison Day, Age 11, Canada


 When you fight it leads to hate then hate leads to war.

Then war leads to killing and suffering, so please no more.

Kevin Theriault, Age 10, Canada


Our planet is good.

Not bad with mean hate and war.

Keep world peace today!

Michael Barrett Age 11, Canada


We do not like war

Peace is love, war is fighting

We will never fight.

Kaitlyn Dooks, Age 11, Canada


When we fight we see that it kills,

but when we have peace we see thrills.

Mike Alexander, Age 10, Canada


 Once we had a hurtful war

Why should we do it any more?

Hillary Brannen, Age 11, Canada


 If we all work hard together,

we can make peace, love and friendship last forever.

Courtney Crewe, Age 10, Canada


 Children of war have so much to fear,

but should hang on because peace is near.

Olivia Patrone, Age 10, Canada


 We need peace Not war. We need love Not Death.

We need care Not Hate.

Candice Connor, Age 10, Canada


 Suffering and hate equals war,

Harmony and love equals peace,

Which would you rather?

Vanessa Holland, Age 10 Canada


 Why do we argue and fight, it doesn't make us happier deep down 

it just makes us angrier at the person.

Dianna Henry, Age 10, Canada


Flower's sprout on a dead man's grave,

He died for the peace that he gave.

Rebecca Greenan, Age 11, Canada


 War means too much death.

For our race to handle now.

So don't start a war.

Andrew MacLellan, Age 10, Canada


 Love, War, Harmony.  Something missing can you see?

Yes, I see that war is were peace should be!

Leeanna Kearsley, Age 11, Canada


I like peace better than war,

so why do we have so much more?

Kayla Chibodeau, Age 11, Canada


 World peace is the Key

So there would be no more war, could it be?

Erin Nash, Age 11, Canada


 People in the world can all help out

With peace love and happiness I know it will work out.

Aaron Allen, Age 10, Canada


 People need love

People need patience

I love the whole world.

Nichole Tynes, Age 11, Canada


 Why have war when we should have peace for all

Please have peace.

Sean Quinn, Age 11, Canada


 Hate leads to stealing, Stealing leads to suffering,

Suffering leads to misery.

David Kaiser, Age 11, Canada


 We need Peace not war

So stop and say no more.

Ashton MacNeil, Age 11,Canada

la pluie, l'après-midi, le silence

un diamant de temps Yolande Villemaire, Montréal

Peace is the God-given well-being of accepting everyone

as our brothers and sisters 

Garth Wehrfritz-Hanson

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

To be color blind and accept people as they are

Knowing our children will have a safe and

happy life.

Yuka Mizoshima,

B C, Canada

La Paz es una dama

Que se muere de hambre…silencio, alli viene

Aloha podemos llorar.

Oscar Tobar,



Neka Moja Ljufab fude tvoj Mir,

Da bi svi zajedno prepoznali Svijetlo!

English translation:

May my love be your peace

so we all could recognize light together

Ziva Bizjak


War means destruction. Peace means the future.

Hold firmly to the peace we have now

and create a better world later.


Shenzhen, China

Is history; tomorrow is mystery.

Today is a gift …Peace for the millennium!

Yen Tsu Margaret Lee, M.D.


Cada nino — cada nina

Nace poeta — cada poeta — un nino —una nina Piri Thomas

Poet and writer


Cuando los cavacoles y las mariposas

Recorriaon el mondo lo ilenqron decolores

To puedes ser caracol o mariposa y

Ilenarlo de paz y amor.

Laura Jimenez Ariza


Rychle` si`py a bratrstw kooic`I pracry podporudi` kandidaturlMr. chlasta`me na prezzidema. ‘koo chlista`, neualei`I"!

F -tm`d

Czech Republic

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