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May the peace be on earth!

Ella Shunya


Tutti Abgiamo "Il buono e il cattivo." Cosa

vogliamo fare vedere agli altri? La pace non

e utopia.

Mauro C.


The peace of God, one needs every day,

To control one’s emotion and keep deadly temper away.

Olive E. L. Taylor

Clarendon, Jamaica

Poems from Shichihyaku Junior High School Students


I have my friends and family. So I feel peace.

Hiroshi Ishikawa, 15 years old


No Longer, Not Again

No more that tragedy.

No more atomic bomb,

No more Hiroshima

Kazuko Okisawa, 15 years old


Catch It

Peace. There are people who can’t catch it. Because of some selfish people, many people can’t catch it. Catch it early! All together.

Yoshita Okisawa, 15 years old


Our Peace

Throw the weapon

Such a splinter

We don’t need.

Junji Kawahara, 15 years old


True Peace

Human and animal can live easily with each other. That is true peace, I think.

Takafumi Kosaka, 15 years old


Peace is that there are no wars.

Peace is the hope of people in the world.

Takuya Kosaka, 15 years old



This world need not any wars.

This world needs only peace.

Takafumi Sasaki, 15 years old


What is peace?

Everyone does not fight and is equal.

Everyone can laugh and rejoice.

People throughout the world shake hands in their heart.

Tatsuya Sato, 15 years old


Let’s Make A Peace

We like peace very much.

We shall make peace with love.

Shun Shimoda, 15 years old


Must Not Quarrel!

I don not want to see an ugly quarrel.

Everybody, live happily.

That is peace.

Kei Takahashi, 15 years old


A mask of a fox, a mask of Dracula, a mask of parrot.

A lot of masks are dancing. Tonight is a masked ball.

But watch carefully!

Under their masks, sorrowful eyes….Eyes filled with tears…

Notice early, please!

Maiko Kanezaki, 15 years old

Hoping Peace

The dark world.

From there a white bird will fly up.

Some day…hoping for a bright peaceful world.

Shinobu Kamazawa, 15 years old


I’m happy when everyone smiles. I’m happy everyone can spend time happily

Maiko Kanezaki, 15 years old



In a dark noon, a flying pigeon like a ray!

With blackish wings…

It wants to fly in a white sky early.

Mai Kawamura, 15 years old


True Peace

We have love for others.

We have consideration of others.

There is true peace when everyone can help with each other.

Aki Kohiruimaki, 15 years old


There will be a thing which we can’t solve without fighting. But humans may hope for the happiness, don’t hope for any quarrels.

Kyoko Sakamoto, 15 years old


My Peace

My hope is to keep this blue sky.

I want to keep watching this blue sky all the while.

Yuko Shimoda, 15 years old


If you can see somebody’s smile. You will be in peace… surely.

Mieko Tanaka, 15 years old


"Peace" is good, isn’t it?

When there is no war and it is still. All over the world will have peace.

I want to see everyone’s smile.

Chiemi Tsukuda, 15 years old


All the people in the world are happy. To feel happiness

Maiko Nakamowatari, 15 years old


All people are laughing.

And I am in them.

I hope it will be so all over the world. This is peace for me.

Ayumi Furusato, 15 years old


If the world is peaceful.

People are happy.

Don’t make a war, don’t kill people.

Peace by everyone.

Hitomi Furusato, 15 years old


Smile is Peace

Needn’t weapons and pistols.

Can you see everybody’s smile in the world?

Saori Masumoto, 15 years old



Globe is a thing for everyone.

Hope forever peace.

Let’s all laugh, everyone all over the world.

Misaki Yamamoto,15 years old


We put a string of cranes in front of the memorial

monument in Hiroshima. I hope the world will be peaceful.

Kaori Hamaguchi

Osaka, Japan

Human lives are very valuable.

Love and peace save people.

Tegumi Inui

Nara, Japan

Since World War II ended on Aug. 15, 1945,

We don’t fight. We can communicate with a smile.

Kazuko Tatsumura

Kyoto Japan

Doves in the blue sky, no borders to our countries.

Peace in year 2000.


Osaka Japan

Ma`ayan: We are both refugees. We are anointed

by tears and embroidered by grief.

Fathi: We are both bereaved. Ya maayan, your naked

Breasts free in Ayn Gazhelle.

Ma`ayan and Fathi: The wild deer of Ein Ayalla,

Frightened and in flight to their innocent young.

Fathi and Ma`ayan: And we remain lovers on the land,

United because the dead see no borders.

Fathi Hussein, Amman, Jordan

Ma`ayan Sasson

Hof Ha Carmel


Love Pray together.

For peace and love.

Ahmad Rusan


Peace can only come from your heart. Search with

Yourself, find peace and spread it all around you.

Susan Naugi


Would it be too much to ask for a world without

War? Would it be too much to ask for world Peace?

Lillian Gabrafam


Lai nak miers musu sirdis un visa pasaule.

(Let peace come into our hearts and in the

whole world.)

Ingrid Perry


Peace comes from within

Peaceful people come together with understanding

Joe Hays


Meile is taita valdo is pasauli,

Meile is taika gali but pasualy..

Evaldas Klimas

Lithuania (Lietava)

Mila fitiavona sy fiavihana eto antany

Andriamanonjy Faramalala

Madagascar (Malagasy)


El mundo es como
Las estrellas brillantes y llenas de vida

Mucho amor sobre el
Universo lleno de paz
Nunca hay guerras
Donde vivimos esta la paz
O donde esta la paz viviremos.

Roberto Pelayo M.
Esc. Melquiades Moreno
Aguascalientes Mexico


Si el mundo fuera tranquilo
pudieramos estar en paz
pero nunca hacen lo posible
para poder respirar een el aire limpio

llego a la casa y no hay paz
llego a algún lugar y no hay paz
pero ¡porqué no hay paz?
si Dios nos dejó la paz

El mundo es libre
y no lo sabemos tratar
pero si podemos
la guerra comenzar

Así como los pájaros vuelan
los caballos corren
y los conejos saltan
porqué nosotros no nos estrechamos las manos

Con un abrazo
y un bezo de paz
con eso basta
para que venga a nosotros la paz.

Claudia Lopez Martinez
Esc. Melquiades.Moreno

Aguascalientes Mexico
12 anos, quinto


Hay una paloma blanca
en todo el mundo
si la vieramos nos respetaríamos
pero como no la vemos
hay mucha delincuencia y robos.
Pero si la vieramos
no seíamos tan malos
no robaríamos

Si duermes soñarás con ella
ayudando al mundo
ayudando a los enfermos
a los que lo necesitan
pero como no la vemos
no lo ven así
Despierta es como la soñaste
pero si tu piensas en ella
vendra, vendra.

Elba Moreno Acedevo Esc. Melquiades Moreno
Aguascalientes, Mexico,12 anos. Quinto grado

PROFR. Armando Felipe Gallegos


Le podido respirar la paz y tambieu la violencia

vau mis votos por la primema. Sigauios enel

camino de la busqueda



kinanme tong tipeew owora

nefinach meinisin beny

nengin tori at

amwo kopwe kuna me wewei ti

wewen ei peace merei ngang

mi pwaraie seni ei inis

peace out ngeni.

Chiechie I chuukese.


Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia

Muuiuss Inxmauban ms e yi dyn gsixuiin xyynsy Sara-

Ryyg ockox yeuunnuuu gyy nooiour uespnuiulnc Sauna.

Tug dygsspss un i exmonuaun xyyngyyg, ocbox yiuuwxsn yrpaac

Uxnguy xour ye raano Sugum ei maimraaian ou.

Muum Saconooi Sug mnmauban caun caunan Syxuiuc

Gsenuc exmonyog myssn maxaairug Saux Saino.




Maravillosa palabra que todo el mundo deberia

Tener en el alma.

Imane El Bakkali


No man is human who does not favor peace.

Monica Dias dos Santos



Step by step, piece by piece,

Let’s GO for PEACE!

Adriana de Jong

The Hague, Netherlands

Pas ta un die regalunan di dios.

Elian Emmanuel

Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

Peace is the love that comes from our hearts, taking away war and giving freedom.

Shannon T-L,

Nelson, New Zealand

Peace is loving, caring and freedom, not war.

Marleen van Oeveren

Nelson, New Zealand

Love well, hope much and care for each other and there will be Peace

Gracie Renee Collie

New Zealand

Throw away guns, maintain life. Fighting means nothing, love means everything.

Alan Burns

Nelson, New Zealand

The wind of peace blows away war. There will always be forests of love and friendship with peace.

Hazel Fenemor

Nelson, New Zealand

Stream rushes forward
Taking no more than it needs

Jeanie Benson
Auckland, New Zealand

Rm 5 Pukete School

Hamilton, New Zealand

When I am at peace,

I am happy in my heart

Lauren Bradley 9 years


Peace is happiness,

it comes form love

Melissa Kleyburg


Peace is like fruit,

the everlasting kind

Stormy Baker


If you always feel love, kindness, happiness and friendship

You will always feel peaceful and loved

The world should be full of peace.

Jesse Knapp


Being with my family



Peace in your self is a lovely thing,

it makes people want to be like that.



The world is like one big family if we don’t have peace

The family will break up.



If you are smiling and someone sees you

They might smile too.



Peace is part of you and the world.

you are a friend to the world.



Caring and loving,

Love everybody the same

Brooke Nicole


Be happy and show your happiness and

Others will do the same.



Peace is happiness and love

It comes form the heart



You should build love in everyone else

Not just you



Peace is when your heart is feeling very loved



Peace is happy and happy comes from love

Peace makes the world happy



Peace is the most important thing to have and

So is happiness


Once we search to find the inner peace that dwells inside
Then we can send it out to others, something we can't hide

Sharon Kortas
New Zealand

Frolic bare and naked as children of the universe.

Renounce conquest- individual and collective.

Exhalt the world consciousness.

Jim P. Barr

New Zealand

When the guns go down and the streets come clean

Let the children cry because it’s not a dream.

Fritz Garcia


Il n`y a pas plus beau mot au monde que Paix;

La Paix c`est l1amour et l`unitie!

Mireille Nignan


Ife` oluwa ki tan

Sir Chief Fassi-baba Laniyonu Fastman


Sedi gera gi tiempo ku yao guaha pus gi tiempom

Y patgon hu. Ta fan guaha pas kumo guaha o minagot

Yan guinaiya gi entaramenten y tano.

Franklin S. Palacios

Saipan, Northern Marianas

Piece er nve godt for enhuer I et huert

Samfunn som skal fungere. Lev vel.

Espen Oscar Olsen


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