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Friede fangt in jedem einzelnen on und geht von da aus

In die ganze welt! So gild deinem herzen einen ruck, finde

den Frieden fur dich selbst und schicke den Frieden

auf den Weg!

Wilding Daniela


Usu ucturipsuku dysyk welechsttsp Sup oucyba

Hezkueu gaaba eususeun haumbl uexjuisoim

jowacun. Onja gyujopajaxuigi xugt eiloivaq

Mespusau oeiym Azayev Ozkhan


One world many people one orbit

One song many people sin

Of a world for one peace always.



Vrybeid in geen eu actie

Respect noa je sugerung

Eulyleheid lov jeself

Duursaaurheid in ellee beteienis

Elkui syn eigen hart

Delphine Flenters


Non la paix signée, contresignée, proclamée, imposée, mais l'accord
qui sourd des profondeurs et se communique par ondes allant

Colette Nys-Mazure

Tournai en Belgique, écrivaine

Mir je eemu tezimo, sto zelimo,

Mir je solucija, rezolucja, prioritet

Irfan Polimac


Yesterday Mais importante que querer a paz e o bem a todos

e fazer algo paraisso, meimo que deja inconsaente.



Peace on Earth, Peace of Mind

If we have those two together

We’ll be almost in paradise.

But the very first step

Is just to look inside.


Francisco Lima Jr.

Recife/PE Brazil

Puiffe la saix reginar dans ce monde? Pourgue Nous Furffious arriver a la perfection eternelle.

Prince Christian Nga

Cameroon, Central Africa

Portland Poetry for peace project

A compilation of student poetry to promote peace in the world

From Parkland County, Alberta Canada



Peace is a spring of cool water, It leaves you refreshed and ready for new adventures


Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace is about friends and family
coming together as one!


Alberta, Canada

Peace is in the heart. Shielding darkness away

Alberta, Canada

Peace is a rainbow full
of bright happy colors                  

Alberta ,Canada

Peace is many things
but overall peace is in us all

Alberta, Canada

Why fight and hurt each other,
when we can care and help one another.
Alberta ,Canada

Peace never starts something.
That it can't finish         

Alberta ,Canada

Peace is no war
peace is no fighting             

Alberta ,Canada

Peace, love and a heart of gold. Is all we need       

Alberta ,Canada

Peace is loving not one color but different people with different color

Alberta ,Canada

Peace means to share with others not to hog all the peace for your self

Alberta ,Canada

Peace is the rainbow over you, and the heart inside you and the sparkling grass below you.

Alberta, Canada

Peace is cooperating and sharing with friends,
Peace means there is no war

Alberta, Canada

Peace grows in circles,
That is why it is never ending.

Alberta, Canada

Peace is like Tears of laughter
Joy and happiness, Harmony is all around us

Alberta, Canada

Peace protects you from harm like a guardian angel
you can't see with your eyes you can only believe, if you listen

Alberta, Canada

Peace is like harmony, like birds singing
Like the sound of a flute.
Alberta, Canada

Peace is nothing but love
There is no war if you live in peace

Alberta, Canada

Peace is love with your family
no wars and heaven on Earth
Alberta, Canada

Peace is a laugh, a tear, a sigh
Stand together and war will pass us by.

Alberta, Canada

The Blue Ocean  is  a  sign  of  Peace
because  it  never  ends.
Alberta, Canada

All we used to do is fight, fight, fight but now
we live in peace and it keeps our world bright.

Alberta, Canada

Peace is loving each other.
Caring for each other.

Alberta, Canada

Peace is united as a dove.
Peace is not destructive.

Alberta, Canada

Peace is always fighting a war.
A war against hatred, death, and destruction

Alberta, Canada

Peace is caring for each other
When people are in need.

Alberta, Canada

Peace is not war.  It is about love
from the heart to share with your Family.


Alberta Canada

From Grade one French Immersion Class in Spruce Grove, Alberta
(part of the Parkland Poetry for Peace Project 

La paix vient de ton coeur.


J'aime la paix parce que c'est bon pour moi et pour tout le monde.


La paix, c'est pour tout le monde. C'est de vivre sans se battre.


La paix, c'est un amour pour tout le monde dans la famille: ton papa, ta
maman, ton frère, ta soeur.  La paix, c'est d' être au soleil. 


La paix est vraiment meilleure que la guerre. 

La paix, c'est l'amour.

La paix, c'estt la tranquilité.  C'est la meilleure chose pour tout le
monde, vraiment meilleure que la guerre.  Hunter

La paix, c'est d' être en sécurité et d' être humanitaire. C'est la tranquillité.


La paix, c'est partager et vivre sans guerre.

La paix, c'est:  Donne les fleurs de tous les coeurs.  Les couleurs sont
les fleurs pour le coeur.  Donne un bec pour les couleurs. Crystal 

La paix, c'est pour toute le monde du monde. C'est la tranquillité.

La paix, c'est d' avoir un coeur affectionné et humanitaire.  Kendre

La paix, c'est:  Donne les fleurs.  Donne la paix.  Ne donne pas la
guerre.Tu es une bonne madame! 

Les fleurs sont bonnes. La paix est pour tout le monde.

La paix, c'est quand tu joues avec tes amis.  C'est quand tu ne triches
pas.  C'est quand tu es gentil.  Breanna

La paix est la bonté.  La paix est l'amitié. La paix est la joie.

La paix, c'est partager et vivre sans guerre.  Brendan

La paix, c'est des gens compatissants qui s'aiment.  Tera-Lee

La paix, c'est s'aimer.  On ne fait pas la guerre.  Kaylin

La paix est meilleure que la guerre.  Ryan

La paix veut dire qu'on ne se bat pas.  Teale

La paix, c'est pour tout le monde et tout le sait.  Melissa

La paix, c'est dans les coeurs.  Mitchell

Grade five class (ten and eleven year olds) from Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada
as part of the Parkland Poetry for Peace Project - Mrs. Holden's class

Love has given everyone peace to everyone,
when you have a friend beside you.

No war, No guns, and no disease
Peace is a greater being than that.

It doesn't matter, heart or dove,
It all means peace around the world.

To find peace you must
respect people for who they are.

Peace is like a dove
Which means love

To see peace you'll have to see everyone is equal
and deserves not to be rejected because of there outer self or heritage

Peace is in your heart and soul
so open up and share your peace

Peace is when nobody is fighting or stealing
and when everybody is happy and having fun

Peace is loving family and friends with all
our hearts and souls.

You don't have to give, you don't have to cry,
peace is with you deep inside.

God gave us the gift of peace,
so let's use it while it lasts.

Some people will live and some may die
and peace will always be there for them

Give someone a dove
and you'll be sharing love

Peace is love, sharing and friendship
Peace is not war, destruction or death

Remember Jesus showed us so please don't forsake the snow white dove
because peace is what we all have inside so we must learn to it before
all our hope dyes.

Peace is something we give
we keep it in our hearts

Peace is like doves soaring
in a clear blue sky

Peace is everywhere, so use it
or regret it in the long run

Peace is not a dove or the finger sign
it means no war and caring for each other

Peace is not something you can win
its something you earn

Peace is a dove , carrying harmony and cooperation -
but you can only find it in your heart.

No more guns and bombs
there must be peace every where

Love is more,
than another world war.

It doesn't matter where you are or
who you are with, But you must have PEACE!

Peace is found in many places
It is found in many forms .

Peace is a gift from god no
matter where in the world you are

Peace is made from happiness
and something deep inside of you

Peace is love and
caring people

Grade three class - Mrs. Funk's
in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

I want peace to dominate over evil
So no wars will start

Peace here, peace everywhere, peace is love, peace is good
Let peace come into your life

Peace comes from no wars and friendship
Peace comes from listening to others.

Peace is when people don't fight and are kind.
Also, peace is when we can just rest.

Peace in the town, peace in the city, peace everywhere
Peace is the best thing ever.

Peace is when you are away from noise
And when you are away from some people who are unfriendly.

Peace in Canada is good.  Peace in Edmonton is really good.
But the best is peace in the whole world..

Peace is when people don't fight.
Peace is when we could rest without getting disturbed.
We all need peace in the world for every country, for every home,
for every school, for every person we need peace.

Peace in the city, peace in the town
Make peace in the world, not war.

Peace is wonderful and kind
When people make it.

People getting along in a good way
Peace and joy in the world with laughter.

Peace in the countryside, peace in the town,
peace in the city, peace everywhere

Peace is a strong word.  We may have some peace but not every day.
It's not likely to come out of the blue.  We'll have world peace by
working together.

Peace is love.  Peace is quiet.
Peace is no wars.

Peace is cool.  Peace is important.
Peace is everything in your life.  Peace means something good to me.

People come to live in Canada to have a better life.
When they live in Canada they will have more peace everyday.
Keirsten Peace is good with no bad-mouthing.
Peace is wonderful.  So is sharing and that's what we want.

Peace in the cities.  Peace in towns.  Peace in villages.
Peace in the world.  PEACE.  No wars.

Play on the beach of peace, surrounded by on-lookers
who want to join the game, so I sent them invitations.
Kelsey Elvin, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Changing lives and bringing joy to the world,
starts a world of peace and harmony,
Stand up for what you believe in,
and you could prevent war!
Deana Hatch, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace can't be made by one man, you must work together to win
 and complete your mission against crime and poverty.
Josh, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

This is a students class: ages 8 to 13 in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

We don't like having wars.
We are trying to be free from poverty and war.

Canada is a free country because no one carries a gun and everyone fits.
People are very good friends.

Help the sea creatures
If you can save them
Peace can save them now.

Canada has peace but if every place was like Canada and 100% better
it would be nice

We do not need war.
Peace is no more war on Earth.
We need no one dead.

We pray for peace.
We all want peace in the world.
We must have peace.

We need peace in the world.
The world needs freedom.

Peace, love, kindness, hope, future,
Joy, happiness, freedom
all mean peace.

Peace we need.
Peace is very important to you and me.

Another Installment from Parkland Poetry for Peace
These are from a grade one class in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

Peace is...
    helping a butterfly to fly again.  Matthew
    playing soccer with my friends.   Tyler
    helping plant a garden with your mom.  Kieran
    rain splashing on my face.  Dale
    sharing with others.    Casey
    being with my parents.    Christen
    coming to school.   Shawn
    being quiet when I'm in bed.  Tishanne
    running beside my dog.   Krista
    sitting by the water.
    being in your house.      Krista

is listening to a bird singing in the woods.  Blaine
    playing in the sun with my dog.    Matthew
    watching my fish swim by.    Davis
    a dog licking my hand.   Candace
    playing with your friends.  Thane
    a baby kitten snuggling up to its mom.  Robert
    playing hockey with my dad.   Ty
    picking up a bunny.  Teila
    going to my grandma's and playing with her dog.  Christopher
    Love     Chelsea

Peace is a clear sky because it is a opportunity of open doors.

It is not filled with battles and wars.

Changing lives and bringing joy to the world,
starts a world of peace and harmony,
Stand up for what you believe in,
and you could prevent war!
Deana Hatch, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Another Class of poetry from the grade sixes (mostly 12 year olds)
from Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada
Part of Parkland Poetry for peace


Most babies think not of war,
 But of peace ever more.

Peace is sweet,
 Like a treat.

Peace is like a sunflower,
That grows as high as a tower.

Peace is something we all really need,
Happiness the plant and peace the seed.

Peace on earth,
Is getting worse.

Peace is cool,
So don't be cruel.

Peace is right,
Don't fight.

Peace is full of love,
That flutters like a dove.

Peace is sweet,
So let's celebrate.

War makes me mad,
So don't be bad.

Peace is like a cat,
That sits quietly on a mat.

Peace is life,
Not a knife.

Peace is about love,
A sign is the dove.

Peace isn't a state of mind,
It's a state of being kind.

Peace is good I said,
If there was no peace we'd all be dead.

Peace is neat,
War is defeat.

Peace is like birds that sing,
War is like bees that sing.

Peace and war,
No more war.

In every nation and every sea,
I hope for a world peaceful and free.

Peace is good and great,
Now let's all celebrate.

Peace is sweet,
War isn't neat.

Peace is an open door,
Towards freedom forever more.

Peace is neat,
War is weak.

Peace is children playing,
War is soldiers silently laying.

Peace is Heavens gate,
And every angels fate.


Children crying deep into the night
No mothers to calm their fears.
Stop War!
Extend your hand for Peace.

Adam R,Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

all languages and religion are allowed,
medicines are shared -peace.
Adam.O.,Stony Plain,Alberta,Canada

Feeding children
brings peace to the world.
Alison, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Strength, will, hope and faith
Bring us closer to peace.
Amanda, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Don't achieve peace
though bullets, cannons, grenades.
Fear of face to face combat
reward of peaceful harmony .
Amber, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada
War is the blackness that envelops up
Waiting for the calming white peace.
Peace is prevented
When not believed in.
Ashley, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada
Peace is manís clay
With it anything is possible
Peace is a meadow full of flowers
War is crab grass in your lawn
Chris,Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada
War, anger, fighting,
opposing happiness, freedom, peace.
Crystal, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada
War- the outrage of peopleís souls,
the hopelessness of their hearts.
Peace- the key to unlock our future,
we need to uphold it.

Personal peace is inner beauty.
Global peace is peace with all.
David, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada
Loved for peace
knowing it is there
We are turning to peace
war is deceased
Deena, Stony Plain, Alberta,  Canada

Peace, creator of happiness
Community, love, trust, faith.
Drew, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

War - a demon taking innocent lives.
Peace - a savior sent to salvage our fate.
Overcome petty disputes of race, power, and wealth,
Sacrifice and cooperate to achieve peace; overlook grudges.
Black, white, brown, and red,
We all bleed maroon and cry the same.
Grant, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada.

The wounds of war are deep
The healing powers of peace are for keeps.
In war you defend
In peace you mend.
Jason, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Personal peace is within hearts,
within minds, within you.
Stop yelling, stop screaming.
Start whispering, start caring.
Jodi, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

No more war in the world
We've finally come to a truce.
Peace and harmony surrounds me,
A happy world is what I see.
Katrina, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace is freedom and happiness, not hatred and slaughter
 Most people know the definition of peace
But fail to achieve it
Kelsey, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Greed - the need for power contributes to a violent world.
War. Gore. Death.  Signs of global war.
As the stress engulfs my body, I obtain peace by meditation.
Without global peace, destruction of mankind occurs.
Kevin, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Don't think of peace as war, think of it as guidance from it.
I achieve peace by caring,
You can achieve peace by respecting you and others.
The world achieves peace by helping, caring and loving others.
Lyndsay, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

War has caused a low population
Cultures have died and suffered from mutilation
I open my eyes the smoke has cleared,
As I listen, there are no more tears.
Megan, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

If peace were in every one.
The world would be a better place
Who would rather have war.
When they could have peace?

Michael, Stony Plain Alberta, Canada

Canadians encourage peace, while others encourage war.
Peace could be accomplished,
If everyone tried, living will be better with Global peace.
Neil, Stony Plain, Canada

finding of many different cultures
keeps freedom of religion strong

Susan ,Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Why is it difficult to see,
the world living in harmony?
A wonderful dream for me,
everyone living a symphony.
Tyson, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Grade 9B

War is nothing but blood and gore
Then why have war?
Peace is a cloud, not a worry not a care
Travis, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace unites people through the journey of life.
Violence creates hatred among people.
 Peace can not create war,
But war can create peace.

Ted, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

War is a dark shadow hanging over society.
 Peace allows the sun to shine through so that  on can see clearly.
Sean, Stony Plain , Alberta, Canada

Peace is a white flag,
when a war is over.
Peace is the hope
that we have for a better world.

Nathan, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace is a dove that smoothly flies
through the turmoil of deceit and lies.
Peace is a porcelain doll,
fragile, but beautiful and cherished.
Mike, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

When the world becomes open-minded,
all will be understood and accepted.
In an insecure and hateful world,
no one is at peace.
I am not in despair.

Michelle, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

War is darkness, a sea of blackness
Peace is beautiful, a sky of colours

Matthew, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

The cleansing rain washes the blood
while white flags flap in the breeze.
The soil buries the coffin,
forever silencing the voice within.
A light breeze ruffles the quiet
and brings peace of mind to all who touch it.
Marion, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

The dove's wings flapped silently,
 As she flew over the warfield.
    She folded her hands in prayer,
 Her heart was at ease.
    A loving smile showed on her face,
 When she exhaled her last breath.
Lynn, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

If I could tell the world to dream
the dream Iíd leave is peace.
Linda, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace is a symphony of love and friendship
Filling the world with absolute harmony.
The aftermath of peace is fragrant flowers in bloom,
The aftermath of war is flowers laid at a tomb.
When mankind stands in perfect accord
Peace will be the reward.
I hope that the human race may become
An alliance, a union, a global community living in peace.
Krysta, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Each step and jump takes me closer
To a place where I am me.
I sit cross-legged, eyes closed, and hear:
The waves crash upon the rocks as I slip in to deep tranquillity.
Kristen, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Friendship is a budding flower,
Growing and growing every hour.
Kalsey, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Red is the color of war
   So the white of peace is stained with the red of war
Graveyards lie in silence
    The crusade for peace is over
 Strong is the gun for destruction
Stronger is the olive branch for peace
Karen, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace is a fresh new millennium to live
Peace is birds flying, blue soils, and green grass
Justin, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace is like a piece of pie,
everyone wants a piece of it.
Peace is a burning flame,
war is the water that puts it out.
Jon, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Tears of joy, tears of laughter,
Tears of hurt and pain are over.
Your heart can rest assure.
War is over.
Jessica, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

War is a cage that holds us all captive,
peace is the hand that opens the cage.
War is a storm cloud blocking the sun,
peace is sunlight shining to everyone.
Jess, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

War, trying to conquer the enemy.
The enemy is defeated; peace is created.
Clusters of red poppies blow in the wind, across soldiers' graves.
Everything is peaceful once again.

Jackie, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

You can never truly experience peace
unless you have truly experienced war
 If war creates peace,
why is there so little?
David, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace Unites! War Ignites!

Carrie, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Mending the wings of a violent society,
A pure, white dove soars once again.
People shoving through crowds to get to yet another destination, not
That in the past, they would have needed to dodge bullets just to stay

Bob,Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

The glow of her wings
Shines upon the sleeping child.
The dove is released.
The battle ceases.
Becky, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Come fight for peace they shouted as I watched them marching past,
How does one fight for peace pray tell? was the question that I asked.
Now give me serenity. Where I once I did find emnity.
Our sorrowful tears we'll shed no more since peace replaced hatred's
Angi, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Grade four class from Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada
most are 8 and 9 .

Peace means to have freedom.
Now we have safety and opportunities.

Peace means to have opportunities .
Now we can have happiness and joy.


Freedom is being able to do what you want to do,

that s what all people want happiness instead of having to think of war.


When I think of PEACE I think of NO WAR.
When I think of NO WAR I think of JOY.

I  think   Peace  means  freedom.
It also  means   happiness.

I think peace means no war .
It also means happiness.

When we say peace we think of freedom, doves, no war, opportunities, and
quality of life.  It's good we have peace so we can have security and

Peace is happiness, joy.
Peace is being nice to people.

Peace is like a dove.
Peace is joyful.

Doves and love are two peaceful words.
People need love to live.

Peace is freedom.
When I think of peace I think of choices we have.

Peace is like a dove.
Up above.

When I think of peace I think we are very lucky to not have wars.
I also think we are lucky to have choices and opportunities.

Peace is like a dove, it has lots of love.
Peace brings opportunities and safety.

When I think of peace, I think of a dove
Also when I think of peace, it brings a lot of love


Peace is safety and security.
Peace is quality of life.

Peace is like a dove.
Peace brings lots of love.
When there is no war,
There is happiness galore

Peace is love, no war.
Peace is being nice to  people.

Peace is not fighting.
Freedom and choices.

I wish there is no more war.
Now we have opportunities.

When I think of peace, I think of the dove, the symbol of peace.
 When I think of peace, I think of no war.

When I think of peace, I think of freedom when you can do what you
When I think of peace, I think of the dove the symbol of peace.

Freedom gives us choices and opportunities.
Peace means there is happiness and no war.

Everybody has peace.
Everybody has choices.

Peace is a miracle. it is waiting to happen every day by
showing respect and giving people smiles.
Ryan K, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace Allies With Those Who Wish To Bring It.
Peace Flickers In Our Hearts With A Certain Touch Of Harmony.
Peace Is Power To Make The World Better.
Friendship Is Love Throughout One Another.
Sunshine Is Cloudless In The Clear Blue Sky.
All Together The Combine A Force To Withstand Hate.
Justin H, Stony Plain-Alberta,Canada

Parkland Poetry for Peace from Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada 14 and 15 year olds

We want the wars to stop.
We want peace in the world.
We need to be kinder to each other.

Peace is freedom,
Peace is joy,
Peace is learning to get along.

We watch children run crying in the streets,
As bombs explode around them.
We talk about how ridiculous this is,
Yet we allow it to happen.

Peace should be everywhere.
Without it there is nothing but war and slaughter.
Do you think we need peace?

Flowers are given with kindness and love.
Scars are given with anger and hatred.
The world will heal only with the blooming of the flowers.

Many people have died yet we continue to lay flowers .
Remembering their struggles in war - forgetting their plea for peace.
Bryan W.

There is no screaming or hurting,
no, war or hatred,
Just quiet, calm, friendliness,

Matt G.

Grade 5 and 6 class ( ages 10 to 12)  in Wabamun, Alberta, Canada

Peace can make our earth a better place.
Peace can make a person a better person.

Peace starts with you, act peaceful.
You are responsible for all you say and do,
no excuses.


If a smile can brighten up someone's day
why can't a smile bring peace and harmony,
seeing that frowns bring war and misery.


Peace is a beautiful thing.
You can fight for it or carry a gun.

Would you rather kill animals by air pollution or would you rather live
in harmony with wildlife.  Hunting regulations are meant to manage the
animals to regain their numbers.

If peace was in the world it would be fun. War all starts from conflict.
You can't win. If you argue war will dominate.

If you fight you will have less chance
to go to heaven and have more darkness in your heart. Try to be nice
to your family, friends and other people you meet.

Peace means not to kill or hurt  people. Listen to other people, talk
to people, be nice to people and do not be bad to people.

Peace is what you think it is. I think Peace is kindness, friendship,
freedom, willingness, and most of all working together. If you try...
things will probably work out.

Peace is good, peace is cool.
Peace is almost every where
if you need it.

One day I saw a boy in the newspaper who was about my age holding an
M-16 and he had to fight in his country.
The boy had no choice to fight but I have a choice to fight or not . I will try to keep my country together. Peace

Peace means no swearing
and no fights
and no wars.
Peace means peace.

Peace is a sign of love
so share it.
Love may be shy
but if you really love
then show it.

Peace can be a wonderful thing.
Carry peace on to other people
and it will find you.
Keep the world peaceful
and may peace be with you.

Peace Possibilities
People participating, politely, peacefully, properly,
painlessly, purposefully, positively, professionally,
perceptively, predictably. PERFECTION

Communication is the key to life. Communication is the key to us.
Communication is the key to love. There's over 1000 ways to communicate
in our world today. So come on people now communicate with each other.

Wars start by humans
when they don't get along.
Don't fight, whistle a happy tune and you'll be all right.

If you have peace in your mind
you have love in your heart.

It would mean the most to me,
to let all people from around the world
be free to soar,
to have more peace and no more war.

This is a wonderful world
because lots of people like me.
I also like this world because
there are lots who care about me.

Make peace, share,
and it will prevent war
and it will make you a better person.

Peace is made by no weapons and people trying not to make war.
No stealing and don't bother others.

These are from a grade nine class in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada ages 13 - 16 

Oh fairest dove, please grant me flight.
Let still be my soul, that has sought the sky.
Oh fairest dove, transform your wings.
Let loose you heart, of voice, to sing.
Let sorrow fall, and freedom fly.
Oh fairest dove, let peace be mine.

Where there is peace, there is no war,
no guns, no crying, no blood and gore
There is no peace where there is war,
so what are we fighting for?

Peace is a bird singing in the morning
a calm and peaceful song
Peace is sleeping in a comfortable bed
soft and fluffy

Peace doesn't strive for you,
you strive for peace
Peace lives in every one of us,
unless one tries to destroy it.

Storm clouds rise, and ice chips fall;
But peace, unbound, will shelter us all.
She spreads her arms with loving care.
The war is over; no longer shall they despair.
The sun is exalted; the waters lie still.
A calm washes upon this broken, rocky shore.

Peace is a white flag, a flag to surrender.
Contentment is the key, the key to the door of peace.
Peace is what we fight for,
peace is what we adore.

Peace is a dove that doesn't fly away.
Peace is the ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.
Peace is a white flag when a war is over.
Peace is the hope that we have for a better world.

Peace is buried deep within our minds,
We'll have to unite as one to drag the inner contentment out.
Peace is like a slice of bread; it's there for everyone.

Peace shows trust between many nations and cultures
Peace gives hugs to make people feel wanted

The storm has ceased,
A child lifts its bright and curious eyes to the clearing sky,
A splay of shimmering colors arches gracefully across the blue expanse,
A sure promise of much better after such misery.

Peace is knowing that God,
Healer and friend of all time, is on my side.
Peace is the nature which encircles us
captivating our beauty from within.

Peace is a quiet Sunday morning; sunset
Peace is a fresh new millennium to live

Peace is a bright upside down rainbow,
like a smile raining happiness on the troubled world.
Peace is more valuable than one's wealth,
and more precious than jewels.
It is so easy to talk about,
yet, so hard to fulfill.

Peace is like the heavens way up high
somewhere you can go, where it's okay to cry.
Peace is the feeling you know you have achieved
an awesome feeling to help those who have grieved.

A white quilt of snow, impenetrable as steel,
envelops the dying land and slowly heals it back to health.
A white dove floats into a battlefield,
like a flame being lit on a moonless night.
Screams of the dead, from a war of the past, echo for eternity, but
are now silenced, by the gentle call, of a dove.
A simple indifference, of a point of view, between two forces
has been finally solved by a humble apology.

Peace is the comfort of you and your feelings
it is the ease of being along and knowing all is well
peace is love compassion and comfort.
peace is not ward

Locked away in the midst of war is peace;
we are the key.
A white flag fluttering in the breeze;
war has come to an end.
When the wars cease,
there will be peace.
Peace is a dove,
representing hope and joy to a famine filled world.

Peace is a paintbrush,
that gives us our colours.
Peace is when bullets no longer hurt,
when shotguns are disintegrated.
Colour gives us what we are,
we just have to use their peace.

Allow no God and find no peace.
Know your God and know peace.
A voluminous field flows one way,
a nagging call home obligates one to stay.
In a room of physical tangibility,
a mind erases all, but one.
The question is over, the tension released,
all thoughts lead to nowhere, no emotions are creased.
White clouds, enveloped in blue
strongly reveal after a tussle of sides.

Birds chirping, sun shining, and children laughing
that is what peace is made of?
Peace is contagious laughter
just like a star shining brightly through the midnight sky.
Peace is silent as a world without violence
and a world with love.

Look at the white dove in the blue sky
I love watching the beautiful dove fly so high.
Let me lay here so I can die,
then I don't have to sit here and cry.
Take me up to the bright blue sky,
so I can lay there and die.
War is a fight that should of never started,
and now we have to pay for it.

The old frail man laid comfortably on a big soft foamy couch.
The bright sun shone brightly into delicate blue sky while the dog
basked in the sun dreaming of catching a cat.

Pure and clean; innocent is she, who lifts her head,
and smiles angelically at me.
Truth be told, a child is she, who spreads her warmth,
through smile, to me.
So peace exists, for look at me! I found it here,
right at my knee.

While the storm cloud shuts every soul inside,
It brings vital rain to the parched land and encourages the poor man's
While war takes husbands and fathers, sons and brothers,
It frees poor men and brings revival to the oppressed.

Peace is like war;
One man can make a difference.
Peace is the love
expressed over warm apple pie.

Peace is like a river,
Clean, clear and cool.
Peace is a breath of fresh air.
War is the smothering of that breath.
Bryan T. Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace is like a warm pie
comes in all different wonderful flavours, artistic, athletic, dramatic, academic, all sharing
Jason L., Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace is a reward for no wars.
Peace is like a pet, it brings happiness to a family.
Kristina, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace is a symbol of joy, like a dove or a smile,
It doesn't spread on it's own, we need to pass it around.
Ian, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace is a pollution free world
Only man can change this, only man can maintain this.
Peace is a gleaming white dove
Trent, Stony Plain Alberta, Canada

Peace is like the waves of an ocean going in and out
with no sight of a storm brewing.
Peace is the lapping sound of the waves against the shore.
Bryan F, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace is great, peace is grand,
So do your part and lend a hand.
Leah, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace is a dove loving and kind.
Having peace is having happiness.
Peace is like a cool crisp wind relaxing and soothing.
Peace is like a child innocent and free.
When peace is around you know you are safe
you a never frightened when peace is around.
Peace, a wonderful thing is all around us hiding
only we can bring it out.
Mark T.Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace is a great alternative to war.
War is just another way out.
Peace is smelling a scented flower.
Andy, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace is like a wall
It can ALWAYS be broken
Peace lights up the darkness
And shows you the way
Amber, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

The rainbow has the skin color of the world,
God respects others as his equals not his inferior.

Shaun, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace brings
love and good things
Jesse, Stony Plain, Alberta

Peace is won just like a tug of war.
All of our nations need to pull together in one direction.
Jordan, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace is like a dove,
For it does send its love.
Justin, Stony Plain,Alberta,Canada

Peace is like a Crane
It's colorful and it soars.
Peace is a huge Waterpark
Fun and daring

Justin L ., Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

Peace starts as a small bud, that with kindness and love will blossom

To a flower

Peace must be taken care of so that it’s vines can touch the corners

Of the earth.


Stony Plain Alberta, Canada

Peace to you. Peace to me, that's the way the world should be
Amanda Rosebluff
Edenwold Saskatchewan

Peace brings a image of love,
In a sign of a dove. In a sign of a dove.
Kristopher Bongers

No one to big, no one to small,
there is enough peace for all.

Dallas Hala

peace doesn't mean alot to me but in my heart it's there to see      
Cody Ironeagle, Fort Qu'appelle, Saskatchewan

Jonathon Rosebluff               
Bert Fox Composite High School
Fort Qu'Appelle,SK.Canada

Peace is something that has to be worked for
it doesn;t come easy and that’s how we get war
peace represents the dove
If we kill the dove all we have is war

Kyle Thompson

peace means to me is no war but love
and war is not peace that is what i feel
Garrett Desnomie

P,E,A,C,E that means the most to me

P,E,A,C,E the way the world should be

Dillon Carrier

Fort Qu`Appelle SK. Canada
Peace is not knowing
if the sun will set beyond the horizan
Peace is when everyone will be equal
no outcasts and no funny looking people
Metaphor- Peace is quietness of the mind
Ashlee Kent

Please don’t start the fighting,

Because it can hit you like lighting,

So please stop the fighting

Joseph Reid

Peace is wonderful, have it today

Peace is the perfect thing to pass the time away.

Jim Jones

Teacher Canada

Peace Poems presented by the English 541 group of Centre Paul Gratton Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Love can revive Peace

Johanne Audet

Peace within each of our hearts contributes to Peace in the whole world
We must take full advantage of our lives.
Karine Bernier

It's time to make a change. It's time to love and time to stop all wars.
Mathieu Delisle

Peace is important. Life is beautiful.

War is disastrous. The world is important, and planet earth is our home.
Sokun Khauv

Time is very precious to me, as it is to everyone. I hope we will have
more peace than today. Please let us work all together.
Martin Larose
Peace is PEACE.
Everyone loves life, Why make war?
Chantale Lepage

Stopping pollution is important for our health. Peace begins in each of us
and then in each of our families, where one can either begin to create or
destroy peace.
Christian Loutef

When you are at peace with yourself, you are at peace with the whole
When we plant bananas we harvest bananas. When we make peace with those
close to us, we make PEACE possible everywhere.
Christian Paquette

Peace is Liberty. It is linked with the heart to fill us with joy and
happiness. Only PEACE can make our lives worthwhile
Evonette Villard

Even today war continues to divide people. I find that absolutely
heartbreaking. In those dirty wars, it's always the children who suffer. Why
don't we do something to help people instead of killing them, especially the
children. Please think about their future.
Diane Paulette

In anticipation of the day our leaders will model respectful and peaceful

In anticipation of the day when we will be proud of our creations and not
of our destructions.

Au nom de l'amour et pour les enfants de demain, "Get peaceful".
Sylvie Richer, Montreal Quebec, Canada

Peace for me is no violence and no war. Je crois que la paix peut être
a chaque place ou qui a de l'amour  même a des place défavorisés.
Marie Bourque, Montréal Québec Canada

A letter of peace
To remind You
We're free.

Gareth Vieira, Toronto, Canada

Let  your  hand  reach  out

for  the  mission  we  all share  is  to  help  one  another 

walk  the  path  called LIFE

Anna Gonzaga

Sinclair, Manitoba


We reach with our hands while we touch with our hearts

Ever striving to marry the sum from its parts.

E. D. Boudreau

Toronto, Canada

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