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Year 5/6 City Beach primary, Perth Western Australia.


One type of symbol for peace is the dove
The dove is also a sign of love.


Peace is love, happiness, freedom and friendship
The key to a wonderful world.


Peace is about happiness
Having fun and family.


Peace it makes the world go round and round
Be glad we have peace.


Friends, doves, love, peace, happiness, friendship
Family, kindness Olympics.


Peace is a time of joy and love, a time of lovely friends
If there was peace there'd be no need for guns.


Peace be with you friend or not
Let happiness carry you with the wind.


Children who do not have peace
Would love to have a yummy feast.


Peace is a wonderful feeling
It makes you think of your friends and the evening


Peace is about love and kindness
The dove is a symbol of peace.


Friends, doves, no war, happiness
Kids, the world, your likings


We should help the people who have least
Maybe by giving them a feast.


A dove means peace and is nice with a feast
If you're kind then the world can have peace

Matt K

Friendship, white dove, happiness, love
Cheerfulness enjoyment, olive branch.


Friends, pigeons, happiness, feasts
Peace, joy, love, care, fun.


Peace is the words friends, happiness and the dove
Stop and help others, think of others for peace.

Matt G

Peace, doves, happiness
Love, war, life, olive trees


Peace provides a feast
But not a nasty beast who leaves the world no peace.


Peace, peace is love generations of love not hate not anger, wide spaces of green grass and trees full of bird-songs.

Cashmere Hawksworth, Adelaide

South Australia

With peace we can live where all is fair, or live with war fear and despair.

Nicholas Skewes, Adelaide

South Australia

The peace dove represents freedom and love

Alanna Wilson,

Mawson Lakes, S.A

Peace is like a Pizza. Cheesy, tasty and only gets delivered every so often. Mmmmm Pizza.

Phil Detoya,

Mawson Lakes, South Australia

Peace is quietness, happiness and love.birds singing so gladly we can live our lives peacefully.

Hayley Leedham,

South Australia

To me peace means love, happiness, friendship and joy.


Jasmine Crisanti

Mawson Lakes S.A.


Peace is a symbol of hope, no bombs,

guns or wounded people,

peace is love - someone who is there to comfort you,

families can be together, Fighting will stop!

Jessica Crisanti,


Peace is like an endless Sunday morning.

No school, Peace and quiet and pancakes.

Amy Waller,

Mawson Lakes

South Australia


Peace is not to hate.

It is to get along with other people. Caitlin Stewart-Watt, Mawson lakes Adelaide Peace is something we can all enjoy,

no war, no fighting just caring.

Joshua Hawksworth, Mawson Lakes Adelaide

Peace means no war no violence just pretty much silence

Lachlan Gill,

Mawson Lakes, Adelade, S.A.

This world needs peace not violence and war

Tad Abbott

Adelaide S.A.

We want peace we don’t want war,

we want happiness forever more. Melissa Galieri Mawson Lakes S.APeace is to get along with each other, be nice, and share.

Malinda Egglestone

Mawson Lakes, Adelaide, South Australia

Peace to me means when everyone can work and live together.

Rahnuma Hossain

Mawson Lakes S.A

Peace to the world. Peace to every country.

Peace to every state.

Peace to everyone.

Isaac Abbott. Montague Farm S.A.

Year 2T at St Ignatius School, Toowong, Brisbane, Australia.

I have attached a photo of students 2T with the Olympic torches that we made before going to see the Olympic torch relay pass a few streets from our school. 

Teresa Mc Namara, teacher

Be best friends to everyone

Don’t do bad thing in our country


 Peace means do not be a bully. Don’t hurt each other.

Amelia Blake and Katherine Ketter

 Peace means

Be friends to every one

Obey the law.

Chloe Lynch

 Peace means do not shoot other people.

Obey the law.

Claire, Nick and Ned

 Peace means feeling good in our country.

Our country is a happy country.


 Peace means be best friends with

Everyone and don’t shoot.

Lucille Danks

 Peace means you have to be kind & not to hurt people in yr 1234567 (all the years of the school)


I like peace because nothing can hurt me and my mum and dad.

Michael Eldridge

Peace means you have to be good to one and another and be best friends so they like you.

Our country feels just better there’s no wars.


 Peace means we feel good because we live in a peaceful country.

Samantha Harris

Peace means to me Australia

Is a very peaceful country.

It’s peaceful because children

Don’t kick.

Sofia Savoff

 Peace means we don’t have wars.

We don’t have people shooting each other.


Peace means we don’t have wars and don’t do bad things

We obey the law and are best friends to everyone.


Ardross Primary School,Perth students in our Year 6/7 class

Western Australia, AUSTRALIA

Glenn Hill(class teacher)
Skye Anthonisz (Student teacher)

Peace is love. Peace is happiness,
friendship and communication.

Bar Kolkovski

All around the world people cry and sob because they've lost a loved one by revenge and war.
I would sob too if it happened to me so don't let it happen for the world not just me.

Alex Richter

We are one though we are many.  Let us make peace not war.

Anthony Grasso

War costs a lot but peace does not.

Michelle Burns

It takes two to fight but it takes everyone to make peace.

Louise Looby

Don't think peace of yourself but think of others that need some.

Jonathan Chin

Peace, the thing that you, me and the whole wide world needs.

Nicole Sceats

Peace is the way to go.  Don't worry be happy.

Mathur Ramkumaran

Don't let war take over the earth, let peace stay dominant.

Odette Coles

Peace is the opposite of war everybody knows that.
Then why is it so hard to make it come true throughout the world.

Suzanna Talikowski

War the world does not need but the world needs peace not hell.

Nikita Stevenson

The fire that lights the way.

Peter Holliday

Water is clear, calm and tranquil
Why can't we be as serene.

Collin Chin

Peace makes the world happy and calm
Peace puts a smile on children’s faces and turns the adults into loving and caring guidance.

Navreen Kular

Peace is people together
Peace is what we need in life.

Sarah Clarke

Dove is a symbol of peace: no matter what the word of peace

will spread: people talking everywhere around

with sadness at war: don't make chaos on our world.

Stefanus Chandra

Peace is kind.
Kind is friendship.
Friendship is being able to work together as one
..................and one only.

Tiffany Roberts

Love, friendship and communication work together to make peace
You only get one chance in life so be happy and work together to make peace

Josie Maxwell

Peace to me means happiness
and a world where anything is possible.

Sangeetha Ramachandran

The ink is black. The page is white.
Together we will make peace and be united.... united as one.

Rose Weldt

Peace is the world around us
Why go to war with hate and anger.

Tom Walker

What's the joy of the world
with out the joy of you.

Alex Stearne

War brings us disaster
but peace brings us happiness.

Nagulan Siritharan

War sheds lots of blood and tears
Peace brings happiness to our eyes.

Daniel Ng

The kindness of the world and people
with a gift to everything, every minute and everyday.

Melissa Ye

Peace should re-unite in the universe
Peace can over rule sadness, bloodshed, murder and cruelty
Peace is happy, peace is infinity, war is sad, war is nothing.

James Benjamin

What joy is war when you kill someone you are only making
them angry and there is no joy in that.
So live without it and find peace altogether it will be a happy world.

Sean Bray

If people share, if people care
We'll make peace within our world.

Asher Crawford

Guns and bombs are used in war.
Love and friends are made from peace.

Cameron Hancock

The "Beetle" was very popular in it's time
Peace should always be popular

James Boyd

The world turns to peace and love.
Everything always turns to peace and love.

Christine Westwood, Sydney, Australia

Peace to me means no wars
and everyone has a home.


Regents Park State School

Wars, Fighting and killing is not peaceful
But here in Australia it is peaceful.

Regents Park State School

Peace means no war. It also means that everyone can live freely.


Regents Park State School

Peace means to me no wars.
It also means friendship all over the world.

Regents Park State School.

Peace means no war no killing and no fighting.
Peace means Australia so I'm glad I live here.


Regents Park State School

Peace means to me harmony and no death.
If only the world came to peace.

Regents Park State School

Peace to me means a peaceful world.
and I’m glad it is.

Regents Park State School

Lets all mend,
and just be friends.


Regents Park State School

Peace is quiet, calm, everyone
living together in harmony.
Peace is having faith in yourself
and loving yourself.


Regents Park State School

Peace is really really good
so please don't hide it in your hood.

Regents Park State School

I like to say thank you to those who
fought for our peace.

Regents Park State School

When I think of peace I think of friends, family and hope were
altogether having fun.

Regents Park State School

To come together and be friends forever.

Regents park state school

No more fighting no more war
If you open a door in the back of your head
You'll know its right


Regents Park State School

Peace means every one being quiet
and no one fighting.

Perfect pale pair of pigeons.
Eating elegantly at an earthworm.
Affectionate in the afternoon like an angel.
Care free, content, credible
Either enjoy exciting experience to elope.

Peace is when all the different countries and
different people, set apart by color, culture and religion,
of the world come together in joy and happiness.
When there is no war, no killings and no
mass slaughtering, people join together to rejoice
and celebrate their freedom, in peace.


Regents Park S.S QLD Australia

With no war we can achieve many things you can believe.


Regents Park State School

Peace is nice and quiet.
It is better than loud noise.


Regents Park S.S QLD


Peace means to me no war of any sort and it also means a quiet calm

Regents Park State School QLD

Peace means calm, happy, friendly freedom from war.
It also means sharing and giving to poor.

Jessica Jones
Regents Park State School Queensland

when people can accept
other people's differences
and live and learn together.


Regents Park State School

I don't prefer war
But I do prefer peace  

Regents Park State School

People please don't fight, don't argue and don't kill people.
Have peace in your country.

Regents Park State School

The world turns to peace and love
everything always turns to peace and love

Christine Westwood,

Sydney, Australia

Peace is born within love itself
thus I rest my soul in the human spirit

Vicki Grech, Nattai, Australia

I dream of one world- one people if we all work together we could be one world- one people.

Harry Frochter
Perth Australia

Peace is a gift we give to ourselves and then to each other.

Richard Goode

Founder, 2 Billion Voices for Peace project.Australia.

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